Is naukri premium worth your hard earned money?

Is naukri premium worth spending your money? Does it really pay you back to get your resume prepared by so-called experts of these companies? Many a times we do think that someone expert in job search can really help you get your next move done, however one has to be careful in selecting these services, almost every platform provides it, Linkedin, Upgrad, GreatLearning etc all help build your resume and charge some money against it, how much value you take out? here is my take

What are Naukri Premium Services

Naukri Premium ServicesNaukri is an online job portal that offers premium services to job seekers and employers. The premium services are designed to provide job seekers with additional tools to help them stand out from the competition, while employers can use these services to attract and hire the best talent. While Naukri’s premium services may appear to offer some benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider.

One of the main drawbacks of Naukri’s premium services is that they do not guarantee job offers. While these services may help job seekers to get noticed by employers, there is no guarantee that they will get a job offer. Additionally, employers may still prefer to recruit candidates through other channels, such as employee referrals or direct recruitment, even if a job seeker has subscribed to Naukri’s premium services.

Another negative perspective of Naukri’s premium services is that they may not be as effective as advertised. For example, while the resume writing service may promise to improve a candidate’s resume, the quality of the service may vary depending on the writer’s experience and expertise. Additionally, the priority applicant status may not always result in a job offer, especially if there are other factors that the employer considers more important.

The collective experience on Naukri premium services

I recall 2010 time when I was trying hard to switch my Job and was exploring ways in which I can maximise my result for suitable jobs, I reached out to Naukri and took their premium service and paid about Rs.6000/- what came out was 2 resumes with different formats(look wise) but same content. Well not to my satisfaction and it was not difficult to understand that my latest resume lacked the metal.To my dismay, The lady from who was given the charge to prepare my Resume turned out to be a BA graduate with good English language & with no background on IT related work. You can imagine how pathetic my resume turned out to be(well loaded with heavy English words and making Zero sense)

I realised I am not the only one who felt cheated after taking paid resume services but some of my  friends shared the same experience.Recent example being my wife’s uncle who paid Rs 40,000(High amount , isn’t it?) to get his resume done from Shine (run by HT), with same complaints. This left me wondering such a waste of time and money it is. 
One thing is very clear Person on the other side may be just a good English speaking person but not necessarily know about your domain/skill set which is very decisive in today’s world.

The Need for a Resume

You must be thinking what is the way where we don’t waste our time/money and can be rest assured that our resume will be apt for any job that we apply? To understand this we should really understand the concept behind resume. In a perfect world if you had less competition there is no need for you to write a resume and share with recruiter but you know we have 1 job and 100+ people applying for it, there has to be a method to short list candidate from lot so that recruiters don’t end up talking to all 100 people right? So there is a need for a prescribed format, relevant information and to the point explanation of what you are and your education/experience. 
Consider these points:

  • People usually copy resumes from friends
  • We always learn and grow with our understanding of the things we do.
  • We don’t get time to write a resume
  • We are not trained to write resumes for this competitive world, we definitely need an expert but what to do if the expert is not available?

Write your resume with these points in mind:

  • You maintain your frequency to update your profile as and when you get an opportunity, it’s straight and simple, since you are going to get a job you know what to put and what not.
  • These agencies conduct interviews where they ask all the questions related to table of contents in a resume and finally add their understanding while preparing your profile, well I would say if you have to provide so much of details to someone who would not deliver quality output why not spare some hours and prepare yourself.
  • If Language is your problem then I guess you would always need someone to help you, but trust me Resume is one activity think about growing up in career and asked to prepare something which requires a command in language. Well I would suggest you take some refresher course in this case.
  • It becomes really smooth process to circulate your profile in various channels like LinkedIn, websites, job-related groups on WhatsApp, Telegram,FB etc since you can customize your content and most importantly you are confident about it.
  • Time to time we change our roles, teams, responsibilities and locations and trust me that require a fresh work to customized your resume for the job you are interested, for example Rajeev moved from Media Pre Sales roles  in IT company to Media delivery project in same company; now this requires a fresh thought as to how important it is to highlight delivery role and Pre Sales  role.

While Naukri’s premium services may offer some benefits to job seekers and employers, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. These services may not always be effective, may not guarantee job offers, and may create an unfair advantage for those who can afford them. It is important for job seekers and employers to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of Naukri’s premium services before deciding to subscribe to them.

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