How to get your resume shortlisted

Is your resume not fetching enough views by recruiters? what’s the plan you have to get your resume shortlisted? You always strive to get your resume noticed as soon as  you apply for a job. You may or may not get selected for the job but getting noticed by employers is important, getting your resume shortlisted is important.

The task becomes very difficult when job consultants or websites do not pick your profile and we end up guessing what’s wrong with my profile?

Consider few facts to get your resume shortlisted:

1- Portals like Naukri, Monster serve thousands of corporate customers and have millions of jobs posted every day.

2- Millions of jobs are posted on these websites, job recruiters create the job and search for right candidate on these portals else they would be managing their own database.

3- Thousands of candidates apply for one single job and recruiter has to short list only handful of candidates for interviews.

4- Job Portals have become more of a keyword and analytics based heavy databases, a job is created with multiple keywords and as of now no good analytical tool exists that can suggest the right kind of candidates company  should look for.

5- Process of shortlisting required number of candidate is sometimes lengthy and is scrapped in between,So what can we do about to get us selected for desire job?

One principle: In this competitive world the person responsible to shortlist your profile from these databases is your client and you have to reach upto him as soon as possible.

Here is what you should be considering when you plan to apply either through consultants or job portals:

1- Keep your profile Active:

This is most important activity and I am certainly not talking about checking the radio button “active” on your profile, I mean you need to keep it active, wondering how? Simplest thing you can do is, login at least once in a week and make some minor changes in your profile, that’s it.

2-Keep your profile Keywords heavy:

Some of the keyword specific to your profile would really help for example:

– if you are an MBA graduate then keywords could be “Management”, “Business Development”, “Customer Interaction”, “Marketing”, “Campaign Management” etc

– If you are a Project Manager then “PMP”, “Project Management”, “Efforts”, “Reporting”, “Resource Management” etc

3-Keep it structured:

Your profile whether it is hosted online or in a document format it needs to be structured so that other person can get the information about you easily. for example in a typical resume the structure can be like: Career Snapshot where 5-10 bullet points are mentioned, then different roles, job summary, skill set, educational qualification, interest area, educational qualification and then keep project details at the last.

Basically you want to make other person learn about you in detail and in structured manner.

4- Keep it simple and to the point:

One should always mention majority of things which describes about you but selection of words matters.Use brief sentences that describe your role at each employer.

Remove non-essential information from your resume.Your resume is professional, not personal. You should not include information about your personal life, family, hobbies, or anything else not related to work.

5- Keep it relevant and study Similar Profiles:

It is very important that one not only keep his/her profile/resume fresh with current information but it is also important that you seriously study other similar profiles.Reason being, we all have different qualities and capabilities but someone can highlight a quality better than other, this way you are refining your profile & nothing else.

6- Make sure your resume matches the Job Posting:

List down qualifications the employer wants and make sure you include as many qualifications as possible in your resume.

The more closely you can demonstrate your match to the position and  to the organisation, the better your chances of job search success.

There can be multiple ways to get your resume shortlisted but keeping the recruiter in mind will always enable you to make your profile relevant, up to date and most importantly searchable.

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