10 Effective Yoga Marketing Ideas you can actually use!

Presenting 10 Effective Yoga Marketing Ideas for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios is a specially designed article to help Yoga Instructors around the globe who continuously help us stay fit and healthy. I am going to share my experience with Yoga business and 10 marketing tips for you to increase your business.I will also provide insight into How can one earn not only through Yoga Training but also by increasing social media presence and producing relevant yoga-related content on these platforms.
Before we get on to tips & techniques, let’s understand what kind of mindset is required in this business.

The Mindset

If you wish to be a successful Digital Yoga Teacher then the very first thing to do is to change your mindset, As a digital Trainer, you need to be more collaborative, more communicative, social and open for a change. Going digital is a 360 Degree job and you need to put in efforts. People may look up to you as a one single source of information, always available is another aspect Digital provides. Most importantly you need to plan your time to go digital,I mean the time management skill.

So here are 10 Effective Yoga Marketing Ideas:

1-  Have a presence on social media platforms like FB, Insta, Twitter & Linkedin. This is very important for you to grow your network, engage with the audience and eventually make followers who like you as a person and buy your services/products. Globally people spend 7 min in a day on social media platforms, secondly, you don’t need to build a network its already there in terms of your friends and relatives, its much easier to build followers on social media than on any other medium.

2- Have a good-looking and easy-to-maintain website where you can showcase your recorded sessions, photographs, some tips, and various courses that you can offer, build a subscriber base, build member-exclusive content, have consultation services, build link affiliates, sell seminars, sell products and invite other yoga experts to write some blogs for you.

Digital Marketing tips for Yoga Teachers

3- Start a YouTube channel: friends this is the number one source where your skill sells nothing else. Daily millions of people login to this social media platform to search for some tip, skill, clue, knowledge or entertainment for that matter. I am talking about this platform as a separate item in this list because YouTube is the place to be in. Now you would be asking how you grow as a trainer on YouTube. Simply you get admirers who eventually subscribe to your channel and later buy your services. There is another way to earn revenue is through google Adsense. Google pays handsomely if the content on your channel is inviting and more and more people are liking the content. Also becoming a YouTube is pretty simple and rewarding.

4- Get Adsense Account activated for your website: Your website in a combination of your YouTube followers and natural traffic will get you money from ad account. You can get this account from Google or any other advertisement platform that pay you handsomely. My personal pick is Google. Best idea would be to use one single user id to create YouTube & Adsense account so that you get minimal headache.

5- Invest in good video and image editing tools, these are important for you to produce video’s & make them look fav because end of the day your audience should feel excited about you.

6- Build a yoga community be it on social media or WhatsApp, community is going to help you with more and more new ideas. Ideally you can think of two types of communities: one is Trainer only and other can be you and your clients/followers. This is a stable population on which you would always like to trust and they would always like to trust on you.

7- Invest in Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing covers 10 ways to engage with the audience on web and get you the expected results. These are social media marketing, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, SEO/SEM, Creative writing, influencer marketing, and Affiliate marketing. One of the important activities in DM is paid advertisement through which you can get clients on demand and build a stream of clients for you to grow. These ads can be run on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, quota etc. Once you get good success through paid ads then you can consider increasing your budget and even go for influencer marketing. D Marketers charge in two ways 1- commission basis 2- fixed fee you will have to also consider cost to run ads on social media platform you choose. For Yoga I would suggest you run ads on FB, Insta to start with and then move on to Google. A good DM Agency can make or break things for you so choose wisely.

8- Create a Logo and Register your brand: this is very important to create a brand and live with it for long. There are many cases of brands being closed or people had to change their name due to duplicity and later they had to compromise on followers and revenue. This is also important. just go through my another article on this Here 

For you to differentiate your ideology. Put in energy and time to comeup with a proper name for you. Ideally a name should reflect what you are and what do you do.

9- Register your company as single owner or proprietor, furnish all the requirements and get it register. Some registration company help you with end to end management of your finance and ERP along with domain and website. This is very important from Tax point of view as well.

10- Register your brand/business name on google search so that it can appear when someone searches as yoga instructor near me or in my city. You can’t beat Google as it’s the no 1 search engine in the world.

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