Importance of domain name registration in your business!

What’s there in the name? Well if you want to be successful in Digital world the domain name registration has the key to it. Registering a fantastic name for your online presence is the first step before you can even showcase your products/services. When digital you are not targeting locally but talking globally isn’t it?

We are going to understand this important concept in three parts

1- Importance of Domain Name Registration
2- Which type of Domain suite does your business
3- Various tools to help you with Domain Name Registration

Importance of Domain- 

Talking about the domain name, it tells people what type of business it is, which category it falls in and in which country it is hosted, most importantly the search engine algorithms gets it right as per the information you feed.

Domain Name Registration
domain name

The domain name is the key which is read first by search engine and then get into crawling, indexing or ranking activity, you certainly do not want it to miss out here. Idea is to have same name for your website, social media pages, YouTube channel, WhatsApp group, office/shop hoardings, banners etc. This is called branding, when same name is registered on different platforms it reconfirms brand identity and bring in benefits like easy to search, opening up unknown territory, easy recall value, improved engagement with brand and increased traffic on your website which means more business to you.

Ideal way to go for domain is to first decide about your business/idea and comeup with a name which uniquely tell your story, it should not happen that you have two different names one for domain and other for physical presence because then you won’t be able to channelise the energy into one name.

Some Examples are: google, linkedin,  &, 

So how to go about it? Lets first understand how to use keywords

The keywords of your domain should exactly tell what you are upto, your work area, your uniqueness, your solution and your emotions. This is little philosophical but required because unless you believe in your keywords your identity, your actions won’t confirm to it and thus you won’t succeed in your deeds.


BrandStupa: The idea of BrandStupa name came from Sanchi Stupa of MP which is a world heritage site and revered site among Buddhists, Stupa represents meditation and Brand as you know associated with Branding.  We are committed towards putting our energy in Branding, Advertisement & Marketing. 

Few tips: 

  • Make it unique, short, catchy, easy to remember.
  • Don’t register your name similar to competition, it will definitely reduce keyword effectiveness on the server and may also reduce visitor to your site.
  • Always go for characters and try reducing numbers associated with domain name, names can be easily remembered but numbers. 
  • Consider investing time in dictionary meanings, all the synonyms believe me you would open up new way of approaching your business idea.
  • Most importantly your domain should be speakable & less tricky to type, I mean it should be above vernacular accent else you are not going to get new clusters of vernacular customers.

Various Domain to suite your Business needs:

Most popular domain extension as we all know is .com Getting a .com domain is difficult, it would so happen that you won’t get your name with .com and even if you would the price would be way high for you to consider paying (unless you stick with your name). 

  • If you are selling something or you want people to pay for your product or services online then .com/.net/ .biz would be great.
  • The second category is .in or country-specific domain if you wish to do highlight your country-specific identity
  • If you just want it to be online place then go for .info, .web, .page, .blog can be used
  • If you are an charitable institute then it can be .org
  • There are so many fancy domains are available now a days which actually makes it irrelevant to distinguish domain names. Some examples are .tv, .digital, .plus, .games, .app, .fans, .buzz
  • The best idea is to have a good budget and go for at least 3 types of domain type purchased with same name, like if you are going for then consider

Remember this domain name availability is a tough task and involves luck, would force you to reconsider your business name thus I suggest you first get this thing solved only then go for company name registration.

What tools you would need to register your domains:

  • Domain names generator websites
  • Pen and paper
  • Domain name registrar site –,
  • Also consider the privacy option, when search results appear.

Hope this article helps, if not then do watch this amazing video which talks exactly same thing written here

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